Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

Almost ready for Christmas.  
Done List:
   Tree up
   Decorate the tree (multi-times) Tegan enjoying the Christmas Tree
   Angel on the Tree
   Some lights on the House
   Stocking up

Need to work on list:
   Rest of lights on the house
   Set up the Village
   Find some presents
   Getting ready for 4 birthdays this month.  Emi's 12th,  Jo's 21st, JJ 31st, Banana 27th

 Right now Tegan loves to point at the Christmas Tree and the Angle that "Papa" made.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

update for the past 3 months

we have been Busy as a Bee!!! (Emi's words)..

Since 9/7/11.. Here is the update.

Sept 2011
       Jon had his 29th birthday. We decided not to have a birthday party, because we want to want until next year when Jon turns the big 30.  We have been in our house for 6 months now. Its been a big blessing.  Tegan loves to watch football with Dad.  Its been a blast.  For game day Tegan loves to wear her BSU #11 jersey (see picture below).  When I bought Tegan's jersey, I got Emi her first Boise State T-shirt (also see picture below).  We love to support our Broncos. 
Tegan is walking more and all over the place.  Tegan is now 14 months and a big joy in our lives. With Tegan growing up she learning new words and here are few of them: Mom, Dad, Papa "Grandpa Lang", Up, 1 2 3 GO, Juice, Cheese, Jesus, and the one i am most proud of "Jon's" Learn to signal touchdown when the Broncos score a touchdown. 

Oct 2011
     Is coming!!!! Emi is in charged of this one.  I have Tegan's costume and mine. 

Jon at work for Halloween 

Nov 2011
    We got to go on a short trip to Utah the first for the month.  Glenn and Brianna were getting married Nov 12th at the Salt Lake Temple. We are so greatful that Brianna joined the family. I am so happy that we get to add another Sister to family (7 sister).  It was a fun and short trip.  It was the first time in 22 months that i left the state of Idaho (Jon).  Tegan had lots of fun with family, she like it because she didn't have to bed by 8pm each of the night, it was more like 10pm.   Emi was not happy with the weather because it was so cold for her, i was enjoying the weather. Some picture will come. Tegan is now 16 months and starting to learn to talk.  Her words now are: Up, 1 2 3 GO, Juice, Cheese, Jesus, outside and hat. Also with Tegan walking and learning to move more she has learn to start climbing just about everything from laundry baskets to 6' foot ladder
     It was a fun Thanksgiving, great time to spend time with family and eat pies that my dad made.  I missed my 2nd turkey bowl game with Uncle Stan, Jordan and Brandon.  I hate having knee problems
Tegan at the Salt Lake Temple

Grand Kids with Grandma and Grandpa Brown

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sorry this has taken some time.  Tegan is ready for Game Day.  Tegan is 14 months already.  She is getting so big.  She is everything.  lets start updating everyone whats happen. 
     Emi and I bought a house in Kuna.  We have have been living here for 4 months.  We move about a mile north.  Its been a great new begining for us.  Will share some pitcures soon. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Just got done with a 2.8 mile walk with tegan she loves her new stroller.. I will post pictures of the walk. One updated Tegan is 10 months old and crawling all over the place.

we are sorry we haven't updated this a while. A lot of things has happened.

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