Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 months already

Time is flying by so fast. Things have changed a lot for Emi and I. With the addition of Tegan a big bundle of joy she is. She is truly a blessing. I love her dearly. Tegan has grown up right before my eyes in the 2 months she has been here.

‎2 months ago I was at St. Lukes Meridian, waiting to meet Tegan for the first. I was a long day 2 months ago. At 8 am, I helped my dad move my sister and her family into there new place. When I took Emi to hospital around 11:30 am. They sent us home becuase Emi was at 2 that was around 2:30pm and by 9:30 to 10:30pm that night we where back at hospital and Emi was 4.5 and almost 10 hurs later at 8:31am (7-6-2010) we welcomed Tegan Marie Lang in our family. Thank you Mom and Dad for being there for us WE LOVE YOU so much. Some Pictures

Tegan in hospital ..................................................... Tegan 2 months

Everybody loves kodak moments!

>Everybody loves pictures right? Well here you go enojoy! The pictures were taken in July 2010 by CharSee Photography . Thanks Charlotte you did a wonderful job!!!!!!

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