Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Father's in my Life.

This to the Fathers in my life.
My Father ( DAD Lang) "Above"

My Father (Dad Brown "wife's Father) I am working on more pictures "Above"
My Grandpa Lang (my Dad's Dad, passed away November 2007) "Above"

My Grandpa Arnold (Mom's Dad, passed away November 1992) "Above"

There are 2 other Fathers that i don't have pictures of. 1 will never meet in this life time, that My Grandpa Anderton (Emi's Mom's Dad) passed away before i could meet him. The other is My Grandpa Brown, (my Dad Brown's Dad). I will work on getting a a few pictures.

In honor of the fathers in life, i never did one for my Mothers in my life, I am working on that one as wee speak. watch for that posted.

Thanks gain to Fathers in my life, that have taught me great things, how to become a better person, for my Family and my friends. I love you with all my heart, i am so great full for you and everything you do for me.

Jonathan Truman Lang